Flash Gordon Gets the Star Treatment in USA TODAY

In “He’s No Flash in the Pan,” Brian Truitt of USA TODAY has written an in-depth piece on Flash Gordon and, why at 80, he is as heroic and relevant as ever.

“From ray guns and air ships to war rockets headed to other planets … Flash’s influence extends to George Lucas’ mega-popular galaxy, far, far away and even today’s array of box-office superheroes.”

The article, which you can read in its entirety here, details Flash Gordon’s long-lasting legacy in entertainment and the influence he has had on the many superheroes that we admire and celebrate today.


Flash Gordon #1: The Reviews Are In

The reviews of Flash Gordon #1 by Dynamite Entertainment are pouring in … and Flash Gordon is RED HOT and No. 1 with comics fans and critics!

IGN scores Flash Gordon #1 with a 9.5 this week, the top ranking in their review scoring system!

“If you are starting a list of best comics of 2014, make sure you leave room for Flash Gordon #1. Jeff Parker, Evan Shaner, Jordie Bellaire and editorial overlord Nate Cosby deliver one of the best comics in recent memory. It’s big, crazy and absolute fun from start to finish. There’s not enough adventure in comics these days, so we should be thankful when a comic like Flash Gordon comes around. Whether you’re a fan of the character from way back or just jumping on board now, you’ll find a lot to love here. We need issue #2 and we need it now.” Final Score: 9.5


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